cannot select any rows "use pattern matching" from a column on Row Filter

Hi, as I said in the title i can not select any “use pattern matching” from the column “Diagnostico”, if i try another column it works, but not with the Diagnostico column.
Here are two pics, one showing the error and another with the excell column data, can anyone help me??

It is not clear what pattern did you use for filtering. Just take in account KNIME is case sensitive and can use standard wildcards (? for 1 symbol and * for many).
ANOMALIA* will return line 3 from your example.


@MiguelVieira you only get the possible values if you have less than 60 different values. This is called the domain in KNIME. You can update the domain using the Domain Calculator node.


It works :smiley: !!
Thanks so much !!!

It was a domain problem. Its solved now :slight_smile: !!

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