Cannot type in rule/query node etc

Strange one, but every now and again I open a node that has free form text as part of the command (rule based filter, rule engine, query nodes) and I cannot type in the main query box


My keyboard is still connected as I can type in the other boxes in the node. Its just really annoying as I generally have to restart to fix and this is fairly inefficient.


Any idea what I'm doing wrong or what is fix?

Do you see something in the logs related to RSyntaxTextArea? Probably that is the problematic part.

Cheers, gabor

Hi Gabor - thanks for your suggestion.


No I dont see anything in the error log in relation to syntax. It just seems that all of a sudden I cannot freely type in a query/rule node to write the command. In fact there is no visable error anywhere - I'm just unable to enter anything

Notihng in logs either - it doesnt even seem to acknowledge it from what I can see