Cannot use Stop Word Filter Node - error

I need to use the Stop Word Filter node in a text mining workflow, but am getting this class initialization error:


Any possible solutions?

Hi @Stephen -

Welcome to the forum and sorry for the trouble here. Did you by chance upgrade your KNIME AP from a previous version recently? Or is this happening on a fresh install? What version of AP are you currently running?

Also - and this is going to seem like a strange request - can you go to File → Install KNIME Extensions… and check to see if the KNIME Textprocessing extension is installed?

2022-08-11 09_46_49-Install

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Hi ScottF, thanks for replying.

I am currently using version 4.6.1 and started using Knime a few weeks ago on 4.5.2.

Yes, that was the first thing I checked, the Knime Textprocessing extension is installed. As a long shot I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it to see if that would possibly make a difference, but to no avail. I can access the node from the repository, oddly the issue arises when I try and drag it into the workflow editor.

Just to be clear, did you update your KNIME AP 4.5.2 within the software to go to 4.6.1? If so, that may indicate a problem on our side.

Sorry for the frustration. Could you possibly download a fresh copy of 4.6.1, install the Textprocessing extension, and see if that works for you? I suspect it will. If it does, I can relay that info to the developers for followup.

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Just to be clear, did you update your KNIME AP 4.5.2 within the software to go to 4.6.1? - Yes, that’s correct.

Thank you, I did that and it has resolved the problem. Much appreciated.

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Thanks for confirming, and glad you fixed the problem! I’ll follow up with the developers to see if there’s something we can do to fix this issue going forward. I appreciate you reporting it!

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