Can't access example workflows

I am not able to access knime public server. I get the following error message:

Could not login on server



Connecting to server "" failed.


Any help is appreciated.





This might be due to firewall/proxy issues (we are using port 47037), you might want to check your File > Preferences > General > Network Connections within the KNIME Desktop. You can also download all workflows directly

  and import them into your workspace.


FYI: I've had the same problem. Would rather not download the site locally, but found I had to.

Hello Gabriel, am I missing someting? The archive is only 196 bytes according to my Firefox!!! Obviously there is nothing inside.

I tried several times on several systems.


Sorry, the file was corrupted. We just fixed it. Thanks for reporting this issue.

Thank you

What should we check in the "Network Connections" setting to make things work?