Cant access SQL Server, not errors

I'm trying to set a conection, which I was able to set on excel using the same data


DB Driver:

DB URL: jdbc:sqlserver://DBServer/dbName

The thing is that when I run the node, I get an X with no error data. Is there a way of doing this setting up a DSN on windows?


Your syntax is not completely correct. The JDBC-URL for SQLServer is


See also

I'm having troubles using that sintax, even though I use


I'm getting connection timeout (30 seconds), but when using the python source

cnxn = pyodbc.connect('DSN=DBServer;UID=username')

The connection is made without any problem

Ah, I missed the point that you want to use an ODBC datasource pointing to an SQL Server. Using ODBC in Java isn't possible any more because Oracle dropped the support in Java 8. You have to use the JDBC driver using the SQL Server's hostname and the database name. It will also be much faster than using the ODBC datasource.