Can't add or configure excel nodes

Hi all. Today I got new problem I didn't have. I can't add new excel node (writer or reader). Also I can't even configure excel nodes added before. This problem is active in all my workflows.

When I try to add new node I got that message (also screenshot):

Node cannot be created.
The selected node could not be created due to the following reason: The system cannot find the path specified

Please help me to keep my work of last week.

Hey I thought it was only me, what I did was to save a restart Knime a then the software allowed me to add such nodes. Of course this is the quick & dirty solution as some feedback from Knime are needed. 

Hope it helps




Hi Both,

can you let me know which KNIME version you are using?

Plus please go to the following folder: \knime-workspace\.metadata\knime

and delete the files named history_XLSReader.txt and history_XLSSheetReader.txt

This used to be a problem with another reader node and I suspose we came across the same here.

Could you check and let me know?

Thank you and happy new year! Iris 

I've had this problem for a few weeks and I've tried the solution above, but it's still happening albeit less frequently (which I find strange!). Any other suggestions?