Can't connect to SQL server at all

On Windows 7 64 bit SP1

32 bit version of KNIME (also tried 64 bit version)

Problem 1: ODBC database driver (supplied)
The connections string is jdbc:odbc:<name>
Error message received: ERROR Database Reader Execute failed: Operation not yet supported

Problem 2: Native SQL driver sqljdbc_3.0 (using the v4 jar)
The connection string is: jdbc:sqlserver://<name>;database=<name>;integratedSecurity=true
Error message received: WARN Database Reader java.sql.SQLException: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException

Remedy attempted: Increase timeout as per other forum posts. No change (just takes longer to time out)

Expected result: This is a light query that takes about a second to execute and import into excel or query from VS 2010

Does a tutorial exist to set up and or troubleshoot connecting to MS SQL Server?


#2 fixed through adding a DLL to the java load path (not KNIME's fault)


Hello, I have the same problem that you had with the timeout. 

I can also get it to throw out an unknown username error if I play with the settings. 

I am a business user and I am just exporting text files and loading them into my KNIME workspace and its not a problem, but it would be way easier to connect to sql server.  Can you add more detail on how you fixed it?