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I have an excel sheet with a table looks like that.
I want to get data in column c that belong to company X and name it as X c and so for Y etc.
Any help how can I do it.

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So you would like to get columns D and H into KNIME named like X and Y. Is that correct? If not can you explain it a bit more or add some screen shot of desired data format?


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I want to get the target sales of each product for each company.
Example target sales for baby powder to be sold to customer X is 10, without the other data
and also target sales for baby powder to be sold to company Y is 20.

If you read the excel file from row 2 and then use a column filter you get the 2 columns you need


Sorry for late reply.
I used that but firstly I used column rename node to rename columns as Company X_ target and so on then I read the file from second row then used column filter as you said.

It worked.

Thank u very much for helping me.


Thanks for getting back Mai_Nashaat.
Great that you fixed it. Congratulations!


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After renaming the column as company x_ target and so for other companies we

1- Add ‚Äúfilter node‚ÄĚ to get each column alone then

2- Add a ‚Äúrename column‚ÄĚ node to rename column as target

3- Add a ‚ÄúConstant value column‚ÄĚ node and name the new added column ‚Äėcompany‚Äô.

and finally add a ‚Äúconcatenate‚ÄĚ node to add all companies together in one column.

note: make sure to check the append option in the ‚ÄúConstant value column‚ÄĚ node and name the new appended column with same name (e.g customer) for all other companies in the nodes.