Can't get Batch Mode running

Hi, I have a workflow which runs in the GUI very well. But as soon as I want to start the workflow in the batch, it throws an error. I tried -consoleLog and get following errors:

Any hints what I did wrong? The batch command is:
“c:\program files\knime\knime” -nosplash -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -reset -workflowFile=“\\Knime$\Project\UserPain\SDR-User-Pain.knwf”

No one? I urgently need help on that…

Since the console opens it looks like batch mode is running fine. My guess is the workflow hits an error on one of your csv files you are trying the read. The error message mentions a missing column name so maybe one of the input files is a different format to the others.

I would run the GUI on exactly the files you are trying to read in batch mode and you’ll see the error.

Hi, thanks for that hint. The GUI mode always works fine. Everything runs smoothly. As soon as I switch to batch mode it crashes. Is there any helpful information in the java error window?

In the console window there are lots of warnings, bad file extension, missing columns in csv files and so on. I still think you have an error caused by the data you are processing.
I have run batch mode 80-100 times a day for the last two years and I’ve never seen an error in batch mode that doesn’t also appear in the GUI unless it’s based on some bad or unexpected input.
Without the workflow and input files though it’s hard to diagnose.

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