Can't get Database Reader to work with SQL Server

Can someone confirm that DB Reader really works with SQL Server? I have tried both the MS JDBC driver and JTDS driver with no luck. I am trying to use integrated security (SSO). The strings I am using for JTDS are:


Both username and password are left blank. It does not give me any error messages but it never un-greys the commands to be able to run the node. I have tried numerous variations on this but still no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

- Ed Cox

Mmm, I have tested it based on the mircrosoft driver '' from sqljdbc.jar file. I would be happy to help you, if you provide some more information as printed in KNIME's Console-Log (level DEBUG).
Regards, Thomas

Actually, I just got this working. I am not sure what the problem was with the MS driver, but the jtds driver needs to have a jtds-supplied DLL put into the system path in order for the integrated security (SSO) to work.