Can't get my server applications to work

Dear KNIMErs,

I am currently playing around with the KNIME server. My initial idea was, that a component I have setup with widgets in my workflow will basically display as one page on the KNIME server.

Is this assumption correct: everything that should be displayed on the server needs to be encapsulated in a component?

How do you then basically create multiple pages? Maybe you can guide me through a walkthrough or video I can follow? I saw Robert Burger’s presentation about the KNIME server from 2020’s fall summit and it helped a lot but somehow I feel I am missing out a major point.

Thank you!

Hi @kowisoft,

You are right, server dialogues must be incapsulated into components. You can have several components in consecutive order, i.e., consecutive dialogues in the webportal. One example I am currently working on looks like this:


One important thing: Widgets will be displayed as server dialogue (blue nodes), whereas configurations (light green nodes) are not.
If a dialogue still does not appear in the frontend, maybe check out the layout configuration:

This video also helps:



Thank you @Residentstiefel (cool nick by the way :slight_smile: ).

That’s exactly how I though it should work. So what I did basically is to create the 1st component with configuraiton settings (mainly widgets) for the webportal, where the use can make choices. Then The workflow should go out and create a table, which I feed through the 1st component’s out port into a 2nd component (which only has a Table View Node).

And still, the workflow seems to be executing but doesn’t show neither: not the configuration (page 1 so to say) and not the results table (page 2).

This is the workflow I am talking about.

EDGC - Example Data Generator Component – KNIME Hub

Feels a little bit, that I am missing an important part, but I don’t know which :laughing:

Hi @kowisoft,

I tried it now on our KNIME Server and I get the dialogue :slight_smile:

One thing that I noticed: You are using version 4.6. I could imagine that your KNIME Server is running on another version, which is not yet compatible with 4.6. (My version is e.g., 4.5.2.)


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With the help of @Residentstiefel 's hints I found out, that the first component of my workflow was uploaded as “fully executed” (aka “green”) → nothing there anymore for KNIME to show.

When I resetted the component, everything works as expected.


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