Can't get Quickform Execution to work

Hey all,

I've been using KNIME for about a year now and am usually able to figure out how to make it work using documentation and tutorials. I've been grappling with this for several hours now and could use some help.

I'm running 3.3.2. I'm experimenting with Quickforms. I don't have access to KNIME Server.

My understanding is that I can simulate the user experience on the server if I run my workflow (with Quickforms nodes) by right-clicking the workflow and selecting Quickforms Execution...

When I do this, I get a dialog that says "No workflow variables or credentials are defined for the current workflow".

What am I doing wrong?



Hi CV,

unfortunately the Quickforms in the current version of the Analytics Platform only work on the WebPortal if you want to design whole pages or 'steps'. We are currently working on bringing this also to the application, as a first step you will be able to create pages and open combined views on wrapped metanodes with the upcoming release of KNIME 3.4. Most likely towards the end of the year there should be a full 'wizard execution' as part of the regular Open Source release.

The 'Quickform Execution' you stumbled accross is only functional for the legacy Quickform nodes, which you can still find along side the current ones. However you can't mix both types and also the execution model is a little different for the legacy ones.

I hope this clears things up a bit. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,