Can't increase the memory beyond 750mb

Hey all! I keep reading about people increasing their memory up to 15 gigs within the knime.ini file.

But if I do something beyond 750mb it says it can’t start the Java Virtual Machine and quits. Any idea why?

It’s on a work laptop. I believe its the “latest” version of Java 1.6.

Also… database writer node is insanely slow. Is it possible this would speed up with more memory?

Unfortunately, if you are on a 32bit machine, then this is a limitation of the operating system on how much memory can be allocated in this way. I generally find on 32bit machines, you can get about 800-900Mb before the Java Virtual Machine error. (Its all to do with Windows 32bit being limited to 3Gb is how I understand it, but I'm no IT expert so dont understand the full details)

With 64bit machines, i.e. the latest MacOS's on  Windows 7 onwards, then you can allocate as much memory as you like, so long as you have that amount of memory in your machine.



Yup!  That worked..  darn, only problem is my computer has 32 Bit MS Access


So will extra memory mean better, faster performance?

If your computer is 32bit, then putting in more memory beyond 3Gb will make no difference at all. If you are 64bit, then yes adding more memory will increase performance a lot.

of course it depends on your usage, but I would say Knime really benefits in performance and speed from being able to set the memory allocation to at least 3Gb. You'll only be able to set it this high on a 64bit operating system.