Can't launch Knime on my virtual machine


I've just installed CentOS 6.3 64bits on my windows laptop as a virtual machine, using Virtualbox. I've download Knime 2.7 (Linux 64 bits version) but I can't launch it on my virtual machine. Nothing happens after double cliking on knime icon.

Does anyone know what happens?


Can you start knime from the command line and post the output?

I tried ./knime and I get "bash: ./knime : binary file impossible to launch"

This looks like either you downloaded the wrong version or the download is corrupt. You may try to donwload also the md5 file into the same directory as the archive (available on the download page) and excecute "md5sum -c knime-2.7.0....tar.gz".

Okay, I finnd out what's going wrong. The CentOs that has been installed on my wirtual machine is NOT the 64 bits version...

That will teach me not to double check the iso one gives me.