Can't make connection from KNIME to KNIME Server Lite


I am having problems trying to connect KNIME to KNIME Server Lite

I installed KNIME Server Lite (4.1.2). It seems to have installed correctly as I can get to the WebPortal page (though as I do not have a license, I cannot log in). I have also installed KNIME 3.1. Both installations are on the same server running Windows Server 2008. The License for Server Lite is located in the Knime Server Repository Licenses directory.

When I try to set up the mount point for the server in KNIME, I select either localhost of the server name as Server Name. I use my (windows) server login details as the username and password. When I click on ‘Test Connection’ there is an error – “Could not connect to Server: Connection refused: connect.” I also tried using the username and password from the tomcat-users.xml file.

Any thoughts what I have missed?


Paul S

Please see the installation manual for the correct server address. It is http://servername:8080/tomee/ejb.