Cant make QuickForms show up


I have been folowing the online materials (, for creating QuickForm but when I upload it on my server and open the KNIME package using Web portal I unly see the button Start. Once I click the button, the package is automaticaly executed withut showing me any of the forms.

I tried couple of different scenarios: file upload and Column Selection Quick Form, but in both cases I fail to see any Forms on my server.

I tried to colapse the nodes in Metanode and then to wrap them too, like it was suggested on some of the forum posts, but its is not working.

Can you please help me?

This is one of the workflows:

The idea is to create form where my clients will be able to apply different filters before they download a list.

Thnak you,


I had the same annoying problem (but I am not very familiar with KNIME) and I am using Version 4.2.5.

To fix it I had to 1. create a metanode 2. wrap it 3. reset nodes 4. publish to the server, etc..

If I skip step 3. I experience this (very strage to me) behaviour.


Nodes that are executed when you save a workflow are not re-executed again when you execute the workflow on the server. Only nodes that are in "configured" state will be executed and will lead to prompts in a WebPortal page.

The only exception are input nodes in webservice (SOAP, REST) calls: they will always be reset and injected with the data from the caller.