Cant make the new CSV Reader to accept a file path sent by a variable

I have a folder where all the automated extractions come with a pattern like Extraction_DBXXX_YYYYMMDD.

I only want to process the last one.

With the old node I would use a list files, Sorter, Table row to variable, CSV Reader .

With the new CSV reader it refuses to accept my variable even after onverting to a “file Path” using the “URL to File Path(Variable)” node.


What can I do apart from using deprecated nodes?

Hi @paulohap and welcome to the forum.

Any chance that the Path to String node is what you need here? See similar thread below:

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Thanks for the quick response.

Did some testing and did not work.

This the part of the old workflow, using the deprecated nodes. It is still working.

This is the test workflow using the newer nodes with and without the “path to string” node.
Both CSV readers shows the same original error message in the initial post

made it work.

never do knime workflows until 2:00 AM!



Path to string variable will not work since the node requires a path variable (list files creates the corresponding cell type). I assume @ScottF thought you were using the deprecated version of the node or has mistaken it with the file reader.

I guess everything works now as I was not able to reproduce the issue?



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