Can't navigate after timeout

Hi Philipp,

i've got a selenium workflow that runs at night. Sometimes it crashes because of a timeout. I gues it's caused by the navigate node.

If i try to reproduce the error, by stopping the browser manualy, i also get the timeout error. I tried to fix it by putting it into try catch but it seems that i simply cannot navigate or refresh the page after i got the timeout error. I can only navigate to a new page if i hit refresh manualy first. 

Is there some way to reset or do something else if i get this timeout? 

Thank you very much!


Hi Johannes,

sorry for being late with responding. I would really like to fix this issue, some more details would be very helpful:

  • Which browser are you using?
  • Does the timeout happen when loading a new URL, or also in other cases?
  • Do you have an idea, what exactly goes wrong? Is the server from which you're trying to load the page not responding, or is the error more likely on the Selenium level?
  • Do you have a log output, preferable with a stack trace showing the error?

In case you have any sensitive data, you can also reach me directly at

Best regards,


Hi Philipp,

i'm sorry too for responding so late. But the error didn't occur in the last few days.

  • Browser is Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m
  • Chromedriver is latest Version
  • i would assume that the page isn't loading, but the error never occured when i started the workflow manualy. The workflow runs at night as batch.

[616.538][SEVERE]: Timed out receiving message from renderer: 59.998
[616.541][SEVERE]: Timed out receiving message from renderer: -0.003
ERROR    KNIME-Worker-4 Navigate         Execution failed in Try-Catch block: timeout: cannot determine loading status
ERROR    KNIME-Worker-2 Loop End         Active Scope End node in inactive branch not allowed.

Where can i find more detailed error messages?

Best regards,



again sorry for being late with responding due to holidays and thank you for your feedback. You can get more detailed error messages when you switch to DEBUG logging in KNIME's user interface settings. This would definitly help to track down the issue further.

Could you also try running the workflow with a different WebDriver, e.g. Firefox or PhantomJS?

Kind regards,

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