Can't open metanode

Dear all, Knime freezes if I attempt to open and configure any metanode. I use Knime 3.3.1 and mac with Sierra OS. Have you a solution?




Hello sergiocima,

Does it give you any error? Or, do you need to close the application when it freezes? Does the log file say something on that?



Hello sergiocima,

How much memory is dedicated to KNIME Analytics Platform? Are many other applications opened?

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Hello Vincenzo, yes I need to close. I create e new workflow with two node collpsed into a metanode. I try to open metanode: Knime freeze. In attach the log.



This is my ini file:



I had the same with Knime 3.3.1. I have just installed 3.4.0 and the problem is still here.

OSX El capitan


I have the same problem, which I think it is connected to java due to jstack message: "VM Periodic Task Thread" os_prio=31 tid=0x0000000101013000 nid=0x7703 waiting on condition

I had a similar problem with opening workflows previously but after updating java version on my mac workflows work now, the only problem is with metanodes. I am using the same system and knime version as Nico above.

Many thanks!


Same problem here; can't open metanodes while Knime freezes (beachball turning forever). Reinstall, even without all extensions doesn't do the trick. I'm working on a macbook with 16GB RAM and i5 Intel. So power enough. Version 3.4.1 is installed. Does anyone has the solution? Thx



Problem still occurs (unable to open metanode). Im using version 3.4.1. Installed latest java but no cure.

Included the log from starting up and opening node so read from the top onwards. I don't read java so its Swahili to me. Does anyone see what is happening?

Im using MacBook Pro with Sierra OS

File is in libre office format doc