cant remove user from web


i have removed Ops user but still showing in list of active user…

what is this knime group ??

Hi @navinjadhav,

now that you have deleted user “Ops”, it won’t be able to login to the server anymore. For clarification it is still listed under active users, so you can still keep track which users did login in the past.

The knime user group you could see as general server user. It is just there to have a seperate user group from admins.


as i have limit of 5 user . 2 are active , 1 deleted…

so now i can add 3 user more… right ??

There is a blocking period that ensures the named user concept is not violated by arbitrary deletion and recreation of users. That is why even deleted users can still be counted as active users.

Howevers, this does not block you from creating as many users as you wish.So you can potentially create 10 users, but not have more than 5 active users.

Does that answer your question?

ok. so now how many user i can create ?
i have limit of 5
2 are active
1 deleted

You can create 3 (or even more), but only two will be able to access KNIME Server via Analytics Platform (first come, first serve). After the blocking period for user “Ops” is over, one more user will be able to access KNIME Server via AP.


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