Can't Save my work, Can't visualize interactive view, help!!!

Hello everybody,
I have been using knime for several weeks, but today the program has given me some very serious errors that I cannot solve. After modifying a workflow I tried to save but the program prevents me from doing so, giving me the attached warning. What it says is very strange, as the workflow works and the data I use isn’t even that vast.

Also after making some other changes it stopped showing me the Interactive views of my plots, opening a blank tab with the following warning.

In less than a week I have to present this program to the rest of the company to decide whether to continue this path with knime or not, and since these problems have already recurred in the past I would like to understand if there is a way to solve them forever.

Thanks for your help!

Hello @MICK997
As the error states your disk space is low. Bear in mind that when you save an executed workflow it will take disc space, and this could be a large amount of space. It depends on several things actually, but mostly on the amount of rows you are saving and processing.

If it’s possible, can you reset your entire workflow and then try to save it ? You should expand the capacity of your disk or save it in another location, that is what the error says actually

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