Can't Set DB Table Name via Flow Variable

I have a workflow where the database table name is generated dynamically. I am placing that table name into a flow variable called “TableName”. I pass that flow variable to the DB Insert node, go to the Flow Variables tab, drop down the dbTable section, and set the table variable to be “TableName”. The flow variable definitely has a value assigned, as shown in the attached screenshot.

The settings tab clearly shows the message “The ‘table’ parameter is controlled by a variable.”

However, the node will not let me save its config with an error message “Invalid settings: Please provide the table name”.

This behavior is consistent in both versions 4.0.2 and 4.1.3.

So, how can I dynamically pass a table name to the DB operators? Something seems to be broken here.

OK - for future reference, it appears that you just need to put any dummy value in the table name field. The flow variable value will overwrite it.


Hi there @RNovak,

you are correct. Some fields need to be populated before using flow variable to overwrite it’s value.

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Any chance of updating the documentation to reflect this, or putting a check into the node to remove warnings if the field is variable controlled? I searched multiple topics for hours trying to resolve this. Finally just gave up and decided to plug in a dummy value to see what happened. This really needs to be part of the docs regarding flow variables, and explicitly explained.

Hi @RNovak,

agree with you. Actually it is documented here on Forum in multiple topics but seems you haven’t managed to find it…

Anyways will forward your feedback and let’s hope this ends up in a place where is it is easy to find :wink:



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