CASE Switch variable error (NumberFormatException)

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to applying some thing I have learned in my Knime training yesterday.

In this point I get this error when I try to split to 3 different sheets the result based on the content of a certain column:



Do you have an idea about what is wrong?



Hello @bermq,

Case Switch accepts 0,1 or 2 values for PortIndex flow variable. So you can use Rule Engine Variable node to create new flow variable with above values based on your SAP System Landscape.

Here is example to check:



Hi Ivan!

I tried with the Rule Engine Variable:

But I still face the same error:

This is the workflow:

Hi @bermq , instead of => true, you should instead assign 0, 1 or 2.

This is what will dictate the path of the CASE SWITCH node.

0 for top path
1 for middle path
2 for bottom path

Did you check the example that @ipazin suggested?

Additionally, all of your 3 path are going to write the same data to an Excel, so what you are trying to do might be irrelevant, unless the only thing you are doing here is writing the same data but in different locations depending on the path. But data-wise, you are not doing anything different for each of the paths.


Hi @bruno29a!
Yes, thank you, it’s solved now :slight_smile:

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