CASE Switching for Database SQL Executor


depending on user input my workflow should create different volatile tables in the database - at no point at this stage I want to download the data into knime.

I can run the statements with the 'Database SQL Executor'.

How can I change which Database SQL Executor node is executed depending on variables?

I can only find the 'Database CASE Switch', which only works after I select a table with the 'Database Table Selector'. 

Even if this node would work like I need it, am I restricted to three cases?

Would appreciate any help, I looked into all example workflows in 09_Enterprise/02_Webportal but could only find switches for datasets or variables, all restricted to 3 options.




I kind of solved the first issue by connecting various database sql executor nodes with a variable from 'CASE Switch Variable (Start)' and collapsing with (End) - using the first Database Connector.

Still this way I can only make three different branches cause of only three options in the switch - is there a clever way around this?


you can nest multiple switch nodes inside switches, this allows to have more than three branches. To switch based on a variable you can use the "CASE Switch Variable" nodes.

Cheers, Kilian