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Hi all,

I’m at my beginner level of using KNIME and its community. Before asking question over here I tried my ways but it didn’t go well.

I have a massive dataset or unique id each with various “Professions” names and with genders.
**For eg:- **
12345 | Male | Healthcare
45673 | Female | Engineer
23687 | Female | Doctor
36439 | Male | ?(No information)

“?” this is missing value which I gave a fix value as “No information”.

So, The difficulty is I need to segregate the data Profession by gender and also need to visualize it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @RajatG

What is your expected output here? Do you want to count the number of profession per gender? What kind of visualization are you looking for?

The more you can include, the better the community will be able to help you :wink:

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Hello @ArjenEX
Thank you for your response!

Output I’m looking for profession gender based count like “xyz profession has nn Male and mm Female” and the visualization output I’m looking in bar chart.
For reference I’m including the clean data created.
Customers Clean Data.csv (737.8 KB)

Thank you in Advance :slight_smile:

Hi @RajatG

That’s possible!

The only real thing you have to do here is create two separate counts, one for male and one for female. If you have these categories, the Barchart node can stack these for you.

You can also choose to display them separately, then the workflow needs a few more nodes to format the data properly. Some more help on barcharts can be found here:

See WF:
Category Distribution by Profession.knwf (592.5 KB)

Hope this helps!

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Hello @ArjenEX

Thank you so much for your assistance!
Really appreciated it :slight_smile:


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