Cell Renderer

Hi everyone

Is there a way to set the default renderer or to create one myself? Besides Javadoc, Google's got nothing :P



For my value classes I use something like:

 public static class MyValueUtilityFactory extends UtilityFactory {
        protected MyValueUtilityFactory() {}
        protected DataValueRenderer getFallBackRenderer() {
            return new MyRenderer();
        protected DataValueRendererFamily getRendererFamily (
            final DataColumnSpec spec
        ) {
            return new DefaultDataValueRendererFamily(new MyRenderer());


For other peoples value classes I add in the start method of my plugin activator class:

 TheirValue.UTILITY.addRenderer(new MyRenderer());

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply, but I don't really get it :(

I need to change the default renderer of a specific column in my table. I want the full precision renderer as the default for one doublecell. Is this possible?


I have the same issue/request: I would like to be able to set the default renderer to scientific notation with 2 decimals.


In Knime|Preferences|Knime|Preferred Renderers, there is probably what you want to, though in my case, some types are masked.

Hope it helps.

For masked types there is only one renderer available.