Cell Replacer vs other node

Question: I have an Excel file with a list of Zip Codes. I need to derive two new variables to add to the Excel file. I have used the Cell Replacer to do this and it works well, but I am wondering if there is a way to reduce the # of nodes I am using to accomplish this task.

Is there a better node where I can perform these task in one node. Like Column Expressions perhaps?


It is hard to know exactly what you are trying to accomplish from the description, but my guess is that the Dictionary Rule node is what you are looking for.

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Hello @kmarrs901,

my guess is you are looking for Joiner node if you are trying to bring 2 columns from List of Zips to Company File dataset based on some matching column(s).

Column Expressions node can’t join/work with data from two input ports.



Thank you. I had tried Cell Replacer, but Joiner was fewer nodes and worked well. I appreciate the help!


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