Cell Replacer

Is there a way to use the 'cell replacer' node to append the 'replacement' data to another column? or is there another node or workflow I should use.

Currently the 'cell replacer' node only allows the 'replacement' data to be either appended to a new column or the result column.



Can you give small example with the input and current output, and how you would like to have the new output of this node. Thanks.

This is only a simple example, but in reality I would like to alter a lot of different costs via different codes. 


Current Data:



|A1       |5      |adfs |

|B1       |0      |adfs |

|C1       |30     |xyz  |


I want to use the cell replacer to replace the 'cost' column by 90 when 'code' = adfs

so it would look like this:



|A1       |90      |adfs |

|B1       |90      |adfs |

|C1       |30      |xyz  |


The current cell replacer can only replace the code column or append a new one, I do not want a new column as it would look like this:



|A1       |5      |adfs | 90  |

|B1       |0      |adfs | 90  |

|C1       |30    |xyz   | ?    |


Does this explain the problem in more detail?

Best wishes



Sounds like if the Rule Engine could help you out here. In the dialog you can define arbitrary rules based on multiple columns which result into one new column. I guess this is what you are looking for.

The problem is the the same for the Rule Engine.  You cannot add the outcome to an existing column, you must append a new column.


I think I have a worked out the solution to the problem by initially using the cell replacer node and then using the column merger node to force the changes into the correct column, but thanks for your help anyway.


Best wishes