Cell Spliter + Math Formula Repetitive task

Is there a much simpler way that allows to generalize this operation: CELL SPLITTER + MATH FORM + COLUMN FILTER ?
I took a partial example from my file. The ‘time’ data is given in this format: 01.00.57 and I want to obtain this format 60.57. The way I proceed is ‘heavy’ because I don’t have just 5 columns to transform in this way but 25, with the risks of errors that it entails.
Analytics 20240314 - Copie.xlsx (8.5 KB)
Thanks for your help.

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KNIME_project1.knwf (104.0 KB)

Hi @Brain, I think I have good news that there is a way to generalise this work… using unpivot and pivot…

using unpivot to generalise multi-column work.knwf (124.7 KB)

I’d like to say I came up with this, but actually the idea is based on an idea “recently” shared by @Daniel_Weikert about an idea from @ipazin… Teamwork :wink:


Hello @Brain
As @takbb says, the trick is to unpivot and pivot back again.

You can simplify the workflow with a Column Expressions node…

Column Expressions code:

minutes = toDouble(substr(column("ColumnValues"), 0, 2))
seconds = toDouble(substr(column("ColumnValues"), 3, 2))
miliseconds_dec = toDouble(substr(column("ColumnValues"), 6, 2))

minutes * 60 + seconds + miliseconds_dec / 100



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