Cell Splitter - Can't Rename to existing database columns - Any ideas?


KNIME Rookie, learning as fast as I can.

My workflow is connected to my MySQL database, I have a Coordinates column that was created when I used "GoogleAddressGeocoder" I split back into Latitude and Longitude fields via "Cell Splitter". Unfortunately, I have those two fields in my database already and I can't seem to column rename the columns I have split because I get the error: "Invalid settings: Duplicate column name: 'latitude' on index 0 and existing column."

What is the correct approach to moving those two columns back into the defined Latitude and Longitude fields in my database? 

The other question will probably be, "Why separate it if you have a "Coordinates" column.  I have attempted to utilize "Database Update" (SET ID, Coordinates (Enforce Inclusion) WHERE ID (Enforce Inclusion))  I see a 1 in the update status that it updated the database. On the KNIME it's GeocoordinateCell. On the mySQL it's a FLOAT 10,6 Column Type.  But when I look in the database, it doesn't show any adjustments. 

Any help on one or both of these would be great, thanks everyone.



Hi John,

Did you import the existing longitude and latitude columns in KNIME as well? In that case, you will not be able to use these names twice. You should try selecting all columns from mySQL except for those two, rename the columns produced in KNIME via the Cell Splitter node, and then use these columns to update your database.