Cell Splitter error: Execute failed: Guessed the wrong type

I have encountered a situation where the Cell Splitter node appears to get ‘confused’ when an empty cell is encountered after a legitimate ‘double’ value.

The column passed to Cell Splitter comprises of the following string:
“class_total”,"","",“GROUP TOTALS (Disk) = “,””,“17787791.04”,“1252430.01”,“1355654.46”,“17684566.59”,“0.00”,“0.00”,“2521.94”,“252.38”,“0.00”,“0.00”,“17684566.58”,""

The node’s settings are:

The error generated:
ERROR Cell Splitter 0:212:227:0:179:0:86 Execute failed: Guessed the wrong type guessed (got ‘“17684566.58”,""’ for a double.)

Its worth noting that the value being complained about was originally set at “17684566.59” which is identical to another value within the string (I modified it to ensure I understood which actual component it wasn’t happy with).

As a workaround, I applied a regexReplace to update all instances of “” with " " - which creates the following string and prevents Cell Splitter from throwing the error:

" “,” ","GROUP TOTALS (Disk) = “,” “,“17787791.04”,“1252430.01”,“1355654.46”,“17684566.59”,“0.00”,“0.00”,“2521.94”,“252.38”,“0.00”,“0.00”,“17684566.58”,” "


Hello @mpk,

ticket created (Internal reference: AP-15379).

Nice troubleshooting and glad you found a workaround :+1:



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