Cell Splitter has some issue!!


I has some issue about cell splitter node. I have setting delimiter is comma and not check \ to wildcard
see below figure

But I found the output is

and I has checked back to source of data, I found is

A data is \ , Normally, KNIME should be show data is \ in this spitted column, right? or
I has change the setting to check \ is especially character after this column is not spitted.

so How should I do to fix this issue and prevent it ? ( I should have not data backslash \ right ?)

Hi @kritsapatw,

This is because you have set a quotation character. If set then the sentences between quotes are preserved which means that the delimiter is ignored between the quotation characters when deciding where to split your sentences.

I would recommend to “leave empty for none” the field where you have set a " character and see whether this solves your issue.

Hope it helps.




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