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I can’t get the Cell Splitter node to work right. The old Cell Splitter (depreciated) node version works right in the Marketbasket example workflow, when I don’t try to change the delimiter. Default operation of the node generates a new column filled with the string in the original column values split with a comma. The default configuration of the node in the example specifies a backslash () as the delimiter, not a comma. When I try to change the delimiter to a comma, the node does not work anymore. When I change the configuration back to a backslash for a delimiter, it fails also. When I replace the depreciated node with the updated node, it does not work either.
I want to use the Marketbasket example with my UC-Irvine class, but at this time, I can’t explain its operation to my students.
What am I doing wrong?
Bob Nisbet

Hi @dataminer_1,

i cannot quite follow how to check your problem.
Could you give an example string you want to split and your required output?
Or better an example workflow with your problem?

Hi @dataminer_1 -

It looks like you are referring to this workflow:

Despite the fact that the data is being loaded with a CSV reader, it appears to to be space delimited. The Cell Splitter node has its delimiter set to \ - that is, a backslash followed by a space. Also, the “use \ as escape character box” is checked.

If you parse this file with the cell splitter using only a space as delimiter, it seems to work fine, regardless of whether you use the deprecated or current version of the node.

Does that help?


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