Cell Splitter Question

I use KNIME 3.7.2 and recently got error massage from Cell Splitter when input table was empty. My question: is this the best reaction? Is it possible just give a warning like other nodes do. Practically this kind of error prevent Cell Splitter to be used inside of a loop.
What do you think?


Hi there @izaychik63,

I have checked this in 4.0.2 and this behavior can be avoided by setting the array size (actually that is suggested in Error message in Console). Would that work for you?

Alternatively you can use Empty Table Switch node prior to Cell Splitter node to make it work in a loop.



Thank you, @Ipazin. It works for me. At the same time, it would be nice to have it reflected in documentation that array size needs to be set for empty table.
As well as error message could be more verbose.
Say, to avoid node fail, please, specify positive value for the Array size node parameter.

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You are welcome. I agree to put this into node description. Will get back to you.
EDIT: Ticket created.

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