Cell Splitter the second encounter :D

Hello all,

the problem (still) is that excel allows only ~32000 characters in a single cell.

Knime does however not care about this and I’m trying to set up a workflow which splits the cell/column into several ones if the character limit is exceeded.

Furthermore I’m trying to do this in a loop, meaning that the whole table is looped through this workflow column by column and only the one exceeding the 32000 chars are splittet.

Do you or anybody from knime have a solution for this?

I tried to use the Cell Splitter By Position node, but unfortunately I don’t get it configurated via variables. I calculated the splits and also generated (via the Python script) the split points but the transfer of the variables is not working.

occuring errors are e.g.:
failed to apply settings: Number of new column names is not as required for the specified splits (no. of new columns: 2)

Errors loading flow variables into node : Number of new column names is not as required for the specified splits (no. of new columns: 3)



Hi @And_Z -

I’m moving this to the main KNIME forum so that hopefully more people will see it. :slight_smile:

@And_Z , how about this? Instead of tediously calculating the correct input strings for the Cell Splitter by Position, simply split the cell into 2 repeatedly.

KNIME_project2.knwf (21.1 KB)

@Scott alright cheers

@Aswin that won’t help me with my problem as the cells I want so split are varying highly in length. some might be less that 64 000 chars so a split in two columns would do but others are beyong 180 000 chars …
furthermore I wan’t to pass on the column name as variable in order to use it for the splitted columns (e.g. column 1 will be split into column 1 and column 1 continued)
this might be feasible with an additional list if you always have the same data with the same columns. i’m however looking for a system that would work on any table with an undefined number of columns



@And_Z If you enhance my previous workflow slightly, you can go from this:


to this by cutting every string column after every 8 characters (can be easily changed to 32000 characters):

This should work with any table with any number of string columns as long as the maximum number of iterations of the recursive loop is not exceeded. Columns where every cell is shorter than 8 characters remain unchanged.

KNIME_project2.knwf (51.7 KB)

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