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Dear Knime Community,

I have the use case, that I read several database tables from a MS SQL Server database.
In every DB Table Selector I need an information from a flow variable.
At the moment, I connect the variable to each DB Table Selector node.
As I have lots of tables to read, the workflow is really confusing due to alle the variable connections.
My question: Is there a way to ingest the variable in a central point and use it for all the DB Table Selector nodes?
Here is a snip from my workflow (part of it):

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Hi @Schmali93

With the information provided, go check out the Table Row to Variable Loop Start.

gr. Hans


Hi @HansS ,

thank you for your answer!

I don’t know if I got it right. I’ve tried the following:

In the table creator I’ve defined the tables which I would like to read and the loop reads the tables all in one branch now, which is great and works.

But how can I add now my original variable from the screenshot above which I need for my ‘Where’ condition within the ‘DB Table Selector’ node?

As far as I know I can only add one variable to a node, right?

Thanks again and kind regards,


Hi @Schmali93

You can put a Constant Value Column node after the DB Reader.

gr. Hans


Hi @HansS

thank you very much for your help.

Based on your input, I’ve found a solution which works now.

Kind regards,


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