Certain workflows cannot be closed...

Hi all,

Potentially naive question but couldn’t find anything in the fora…
I recently reinstalled and updated, and I now have three of my workflows (seemingly chosen at random) which are open on startup and cannot be closed from the main panel (i.e. when highlighted they do on show the “close” cross in the right of the tab, and if I choose to “close all” or “close all to the right” they do not close either). Are they somehow “locked” as default workflows? If so how do i unlock them?
Thanks in advance from a longtime Knime novice :slight_smile:

Hi @BPerry,

Which version of KNIME Analytics Platform are you using? Have you tried to restart the application?
Is the log file telling something?


Using V 3.6.1; nothing at all mentioned in the log file after starting up. Restarting the application does nothing, each time I open the application the three workflows open automatically and don’t have the option to be closed (they can however be edited / saved, and they run smoothly).

Could you please try to update KNIME AP to the latest version (File->Update KNIME)? Thanks!