Change background color of an annotation box


I am a new user of KNIME.

I want to create a box containing texts using the 'New workflow anotation' after right-click in an empty space, but once I got the box then I could not find where to specify the color of it.

Any ideas?



Double click in it so you can type in it, then right click and choose background colour.


Thanks, and it works!


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How can I change the background color of the entire window. Currently, it's "White". I tried going to 

Preferences -> Apperarance and searched a lot but there is no option to change the background color.

Why? -- I want to work with a dark background as it doesn't hurt your eyes. 

Theme - Dark (Possible Solution, but) -> Doesn't change the color of the text and fonts of the nodes to white, so can't read the description.



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It's not possible to change the background of the workflow editor.

Thanks for your swift reply! 

Work Around - Using a "Workflow annotation" box to cover the entire window and changing its background color.

Is there a way to change the font size of the node annotations "Globally", instead of doing it by indivi\dual nodes?


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It may be annoying but you can turn to negative colors your screen. If you are in Windows use the keyshorcut Ctrl + Alt + i.