change cell values with respect to value in another column

I have 3 columns that has set of rows highlighted in different color now i want to bring up the value of 2nd and 3rd column value next to the 1st column cell (no chnage in cell value )
My input data

expected output data


This time I used the Group Loop node. See change_cells_and_row_order.knwf (44.8 KB).

Looking forward to your feedback.
gr. Hans


I would just use the Missing Values node for this. Just select previous value for the “Document DD Column” and “Document Revision”.

After that you can use an if expression to make the values null when “Item Number” is null (assuming you really want to preserve those blank rows in the output structure), or you could just filter out the rows where “Item Number” is missing if the final goal is to get to a clean table.

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Thank you so much it worked !!!

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