Change Column type except for some cells (For Excel)

Hello again, let’s say that for the following list, I would like to convert to ‘int’ the first three values, and maintain the last two as ‘string’:


Is it possible to accomplish this when exporting it to excel? I have a request to automate a process and for this particular column, if there are only digits I need to convert it to number value. When I try to convert them I get missing value for the string characters.

I know that all columns have a specific identification for its type, I was hoping if there was a way to circumvent this rule.

Hi @sirabelk3.
Yes you can, but you first need to split your table in two parts: one part should include the rows with just numbers, and the other the ones with letters. In order to do that, you need to identify which rows contains numbers or a mix.

Finally, you should write first one table to an excel file, and then append the other to the same excel file. In two steps.

Let me show you how with this workflow. You can download it to test. Open then the excel file to check that the numbers are numbers (right aligned) and the other rows are strings.

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Noted, will take a look to the workflow, thank you so much. Regards.

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