Change Data Type of Column Created by Cell Splitter Node

Hi, it seems I need to alter the default data type of one of the columns that is created when using the Cell Splitter Node. It outputs two string columns, and one Integer node. This integer node I would like to convert to data type String.

The reason is in later steps, I try to extract the last four digits of each cell content in this column. And I am guessing it is due to the data type that I fail in using the String Manipulation Node.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Hi @1up,

in Cell Splitter if you select option Set array size you will get all columns of type string. If not you can use Number To String node after Cell Splitter to convert your column. Also you can use string() function inside String Manipulation node to apply string functions on number columns. You choose :wink:


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Thanks a lot ipazin!

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