change log Ehn 2932 Read protect meta nodes

The most recent change log contains the following:

Enh 2932: Enable meta node locking (read protection through password)


Does anyone know how to enable meta node locking in knime 2.5.1? I look through the help and search the site and did not find anything except the change log. 

Any help will be much appreciated!

Hello Nathaniel,

the password protected metanodes are a feature that comes with KNIME Professional. It's really a feature for power users who provide services (e.g. involving workflow construction) and want/need to hide some of the interna of their workflows.

Regards, Michael

According to the KNIME Professional webpage, “Please note that there is no functional difference between the open source version.” So if locking a metanode is possible in KNIME Professional it should also be possible in the free version. Yes? If so, how??


Hi Jim,

good point! This needs correction, lockable Metanodes are part of the TeamSpace, not KNIME Professional (which is, as you point out correctly, uing the same code base).

Sorry for the confusion, Michael