Change request: Make Node Repository View able to look up nodes by FIRst LEtters of their names

This is a detail but it occurs to my mind pretty often.
Currently, if I want to get a node which name consists of multiple words using the Node Repository view, I can choose one of the following strategies. Let’s consider I’m trying to find a node whose name is Table Row To Variable Loop Start.
These searches produce a result containing the name of the desired node:
table row
to variable
variable row
to var

These don’t although I’d consider very convenient if they would:
tab row to var loop
row to var
… and so on

Node String Manipulation is a good example of a node I search for very often, too. And I always have to type the whole word “String” followed by a number of first letters of the word “manipulation”. It’d be helpful having an option to find the node by typing “str man”.

I could give more examples.
Column Filter: col filter
Reference Row Splitter: ref row sp
And so on.

Finally, to make this topic a bit more “multi-topical” I’d like to suggest two more things here: Favorite nodes and Last/Frequently Used Nodes. Workflow coach is sometimes a highly helpful feature but it’s not always I wanted to put a new node immediately after the currently selected one.

Thank you

Edit: My KNIME is 4.0.2

Hi Jan,

for the first usecase, I would recommend the fuzzy mode of the Node Repository. with it col filter brought me the column filter.


The Favorite nodes view you can find unter View-> Other -> KNIME Views -> Favorite Nodes.
After enabling it, you can drag and drop node to get your personal list of favorite nodes, and also see the most frequently used and last used nodes.


Cheers, Iris


Hi @Iris
Thanks a lot for such a quick and valuable answer!
You’ve solved all of my issues.
I wasn’t aware of the fuzzy model of the Node Repository. Although I tried to find something like that I haven’t found it. I considered the icon you’ve pointed out, just an option of displaying nodes in flat view as opposite to package-organized view. Nevermind. It fits my needs pretty well although I could complain about relevance sorting for instance in the case as follows:

Well, Favorite Nodes view is something I failed to notice completely.
Thank you again.
Regards, Jan

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