change the knime server URL


how can I change the IP of the knime server connection? by

I appreciate your help and recommendations

Hi @lizardovanegas ,

I’m not really clear on what you’re trying to do.
Like, if you have a server host that is running KNIME Server, and its ip address is 152.252.x.x, but you want to use a hostname to point to it, that would be a DNS operation for your IT group to work on.

Please clarify your request and we’ll see if we can help you further.


Sorry I want to change my server connection address, I want instead of my ip to resolve it by DNS or by name what happens is that I don’t know how to do this process.

Hello @lizardovanegas ,

You would need to talk to your IT department or whoever is in charge of your company’s DNS servers so that they can redirect a hostname to the KNIME server IP. Then you would be able to refer to it by hostname and have it resolve correctly.


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