Change the loading point of an original node in the node repository?

Hi all,

I safely developed, tested and exported our original nodes.
I would like to change the loading point these nodes in the node repository.
How can I create the node categories such as “AAA->bbb->NewNode”?
Thanks in advance.

In order to create a new categorie for the Node Repository you have to extend the extension point org.knime.workbench.repository.categories. There you have to enter:

displayed later on in the node repository view
path to your new category: "/" for root, and the level-id of an existing category if you want to hook into existing categories
the ID of your category, such that other plug-ins can later on hook into your category. Used in the path.
If you want to have it explicitely positioned after an existing category with the same parent
a descriptive icon for your category, displayed in the node repository view

Thank you for your reply.
I solved my problem :slight_smile: