Change user name in credentials flow variable

Hey everybody,

is it possible to change the the user name in an already created credentials flow variable? Do you have an idea for an work around?

I need the credentials of the current workflow user to get access to their respective file system on a SMB share. The credentials are identical with the one for logging in to the KNIME server. BUT to connect to the SMB share, the user name has to look like this: “INTRANET\[user_name]”.

Therefore, I could either:

  1. Use a credentials widget where the default user name says “INTRANET\user_name”, where the user then has to simply delete “user_name” and type their respective user name and password.

or (my preferred way)

  1. Adapt the user name of the KNIME server login in the background to “INTRANET\[user_name]”. So the user won’t have to type their credentials again. Do you have a solution for this?

Thanks in advance,

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