Changing default for Workflow Annotations?

i like using the workflow annotations for commenting the workflow. But the ‘border witdth’ is very thick in default and i like to reduce the fontsize so that more text fits into the boxes. I didn’t find it in the preferences. Is there a way to do this?

Hi @TotalDataLoss , you can change these sizes:

The one highlighted in red is for the font size, and the one highlighted in green is for the border size.

EDIT: If you meant setting the size as default, for the font size, it looks like it’s attached to the font size of the node name:

So changing this will set the default for the font size in the annotation, but it will also change the default size for the node names.

As for setting the default annotation border size, it can be done here:


Hi bruno29a,
great this is what i was looking for - i didn’t even realize that one can click on KNIME GUI itself. Thanks very much!

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