changing names of files ouside Knime

Hello I was wondering, while talking about Knime the topic of changing names of files outside the program came up, is there a node that changes the name of a file that is not in Knime? (like a PDF or Special Characters PNG) ??

Hi @Carry and welcome to the Knime Community.

What do you mean by “a file that is not in Knime”? Or rather, based on this, I am assuming there are files that are in Knime? What are files that are in or not in Knime?

In general, Knime can access any file that you are able to point to on the system, or any system that it’s connected to as you have the option to go search for a file on the system or systems connected to Knime.

You can use the Transfer Files nodes to rename a file:


@Carry one way could be to copy the file to a new position (or the same) with a new name and then delete the old one.

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