Changing preferences from command line or by editing a file ?



I have a problem with setting up R home directory in Knime. My Knime version is on a Mac server without a monitor and so I have only terminal access to it. I need to change the path to R home for my workflow to run, but I can't find a file that would hold such entry. It seems that it's somehow saved in .jar files ?


Is there a way to set that setting without the GUI ?





You need to export the preferences from your KNIME GUI instance which contain the path to R. When running the batch executor (which I assume is what your are using) you need to point it to the exported preferences file with the -preferences argument.

Did you solve the problem? can you tell me how to input the args on the command line,thank you!

I solved it by connecting a monitor to the server but as thor says, it should be really simple.

Thanks for help!