Changing text on dendrogram

Please see the attached image which shows a dendrogram generated from a simple dataset called "teeth" provided by our University. The Hierarchical Clustering node was used in KNIME v3.2.1. The 1st class label is for "HOUSE RAT", the 2nd for "BEAVER", etc, and the 10th is for "HOUSE BAT". Unfortunately this also appears as "HOU...". Are there any options to change the way the text is displayed (and ideally to display the full class label)?

If not, could the node designer consider adding such a feature, please.

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Hovering the mouse may work, but other that that I'm willing to get that this will be ported to a JavaScript view soon.


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i have the same question, did you find a solution?

@ad4995 Can you summarize what you would expect here?
We can no longer see the image from @abdekker based on the new forum.

Exactly what he said.
Changing the labels of the x axis in the dendrogram.
Only part of the label show up.
For me i got the issue fixed i was using the wrong node to read the data. The labels were not showing up for me.

Which node are you using?

Hierarchical clustering node.

Thank you, so you are using our old node and not the new one.

I will talk to the developers for enhancing our new node.

Best, Iris

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Which one is the new one!?

Would something like this be usable for your use case?

It also shows the heatmap, but I assume if you want it in a publication or something like that, it is easy to cut them out.
You can find the extension here: (you need the from During the installation you have to disable grouping by category in order to select the KNIME Utilities feature.

It can be used like this: image (Tested with KNIME 3.7. For some reason if you want the leaf ordering, that causes problems in recent versions.)

Yeah, i did something similar.
I actually fixed my issue i was using the wrong node to read the data.
Thanks for your reply.